Carefully-designed screens

Alpha comes with a suite of carefully-designed screens – based on our experience of training each customer individually. Each one is designed to provide the information you are looking for with the minimum of effort.

Take our Market View below for example (click on the image to enlarge it). This screen helps you quickly identify what’s driving the UK market.

  • How did the US and Asian markets close overnight?
  • Which stocks/sectors are leading the UK market up or down?
  • What are the headlines?
  • Which stocks have reported?
  • Which stocks have gone ex-div?
  • What is happening with commodity prices and Sterling?


  1. FTSE 100 Heatmap
  2. Share's news
  3. Share chart & relative strength


  1. FTSE 100 chart
  2. Major markets
  3. Full News feed

If you prefer a dark layout like the one shown here, just ask our trainers.

"We have barely had to change the screen layouts because they were so thoughtfully configured in the first place."

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Data and Features

  • Live Level 1 data for all UK listed equities (including AIM and investment trusts)
  • Advanced Level 2 screens for LSE stocks
  • Contended Level 2 available to substantially reduce your costs
  • Live level 1 data for Nasdaq, NYSE and AMEX
  • Global market indices
  • MSCI WMA Indices
  • Investment trust NAVs, sectors, TERs and yields
  • Major world currency pairs
  • Major commodity prices - Oil, Metals, Energy
  • Daily fund prices with sectors, TERs, yields and ratings
  • Corporate and government bonds; yield curves
  • UK Corporate Actions
  • Live RNS from all Primary Information Providers
  • Dow Jones Newswires UK Markets Report
  • Customisable price tickers which can filter for specific portfolios or indices
  • Customisable news alerts
  • Highly customisable multi-window layouts. Create multiple layouts and apply them with a click of the mouse
  • Each individual window highly customisable. Create multiple templates and apply them with a click of the mouse
  • Over 20 years' fundamental data and up to three years' broker forecasts
  • Balance sheet, P&L and cashflow metrics
  • Broker consensus, consensus change, last consensus and number of brokers
  • Directors' and Major Shareholder dealings and holdings. Filter by company or shareholder
  • Outstanding charting suite with 90+ chart types and analytics
  • Set alarms on support and resistance lines, trend lines, at specific price levels or percentage price changes
  • Live DDE links to drive your Excel-based pricing models
  • Powerful Data Mining helps you build unlimited portfolios or watchlists of stocks that meet specific fundamental and/or technical criteria