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Our service includes free one-to-one training for all users during which we'll customise Alpha to suit your personal requirements.

Alpha: Our Service

We also provide unlimited one-to-one refresher training to ensure you continue to get the best out of Alpha and are familiar with the new features we add on a regular basis.

Additionally, you'll have access to friendly and knowledgeable customer support based in London from 7am to 6pm. We encourage clients to call – whatever the query. You'll find too that we have a can-do approach to adding new features.

Tailored to your requirements

Alpha's flexible multi-window layouts can be customised to suit not just your organisation's focus but that of individual roles. Create and save different layouts and switch from one to another with a click of the mouse.

For example, monitor the markets in one view and then, with a click of the mouse, analyse a particular company in more detail.

Alpha: Our Service

Alpha comes with carefully designed screens based on our experience of working with clients. However, we still take time to understand your particular role and daily work practises so that we can tailor your screens accordingly.

If you regularly switch between a desktop and a laptop (working at home, for example), we'll create a specific laptop layout for the smaller screen.

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"The Alpha team are brilliant. From setting up Alpha Terminal to suit my individual requirements to helping me whenever I call in, they can't do enough."

"We have barely had to change the screen layouts because they were so thoughtfully configured in the first place."